28 July 2005

right back at'cha

right back at'cha!
14 days to go!!!
gift ko ah.. :D

27 July 2005

everything aside....


15 days to go!!! birthday ko na!!! yeah!

no comment

basta, bahala na kung ano man ang mangyayari sa mga susunod na araw. basta ako, nasabi ko na kailangan kong sabihin. period. bahala ka na kung ano gusto mong mangyari. sino ba ko para kumontra di ba?

26 July 2005

eto naman ang akin

again, i say... what was the sole basis of becoming friends? you have never answered that. why? you never even gave me a chance to ask that question.

sana sinabi ng maaga. hmm.. i did. i don't know what you understood by "hindi pwede."

yeah, we talked about that, and yeah, we said, nothing's gonna change. BUT... have you given thought that maybe, YOU were still the one who wouldn't stop? I'm going to say this OVER and OVER again: I DIDN'T MEAN ANYTHING WITH THAT JOKE. i repeat: wala akong gustong ipahiwatig.

yeah. you could say it on the 'net, but you couldn't get yourself to reply to a single text message about the same damn subject. fine.

24 July 2005


kapag tinopak nga naman.. kung ano ano ang nagagawa...

why can't people accept the fact that sometimes, you just want to be friends... that sometimes, not everyone is willing to adapt to you... that sometimes, there are more things in life that you normally don't know about... that sometimes, life isn't all what it seems.

there are a lot of reasons why we can't understand our mere existence. even i, for one, cannot comprehend why on earth am i still living and breathing to this day. as religion would teach it, we have put here on earth for a reason. that reason was given by the Creator. but have we asked ourselves what EXACTLY is our purpose on earth? sigh.

everybody knows that nobody can live alone. that's why God created friends, colleagues and family. But, let's focus more on FRIENDS. Friends are there to help and support you, to have fun with, to share things with, to kid around with. There are times when friends are supposed to be taken seriously, but there are also times when friends are not... just like in the real world - it should be taken seriously, but then, not everything should be taken seriously. Friends are around to joke with, magkapikunan, pero eventually, friends patch things up with each other and go on living as if those simple arguments never happened at all. Friendship is one of the most valuable treasures that would never be replaceable by money or material things.

but before all that, there is this matter of how you got to be friends in the first place. because sometimes, there are other reasons why you become friends. there's (1) you like the person, so you befriend that person or (2)you're already good friends with that person, that's why you began to like that person more. sometimes, or even, oftentimes, you begin to wonder..... and you begin to ask yourself what is the answer, knowing that you, alone, cannot. It lies on the person you call friend.

a lot of other questions follow with that. it doesn't end with that. what is important, that certain issues get resolved and lines are cleared.

I, for one, have done everything in my power to do my part. It is now time to do yours.

sana lagi nalang ganito: serene and peaceful... parang wala kang proproblemahin...

03 July 2005

dahil walang magawa kanina sa kotse sa the fort....

o di ba? halatang galing kotse... bwahahahahahaha

02 July 2005

Flying V/Filoil Ultimate Showdown - ADMU-DLSU Classics

DLSU-Legends 79
ADMU - Legends 70

DLSU-All Stars 84
ADMU-All Stars 73

hehe... panalo DLSU all the way.... woohooooo! :D

01 July 2005

ala lang....

haay.. sana mura lang diyan sa amanpulo... para pwede halos araw araw anjan... ala lang... para makatakas sa gulo ng buhay dito sa maynila....

countdown ulit!!!

41 days to go!!!!!