04 March 2007

...back from palawan...

04 March 2007
it has been a long time since i wrote here... i've just been very busy at the office, and my (darn) internet service is still down (at least i think so)...
we flew out to palawan last friday; it was fun... though it was really tiring. i was with my officemates (naks!), and i was actually surprised that i had a really, really good time! of course, my closest friends in the office - dave, adrian, phercy and june - were there too, so naturally it was fun!
upon arriving in palawan, we checked into our hotel, the asturias hotel, and changed for our first tour of the trip -- an island hopping trip around honda bay. we ate lunch at the starfish island, and stopped at the snake island. i didn't swim, though, because it was really, really hot... mind you, it was around 1 pm, and the sun was directly overhead... although we went walking to the southern (?) tip of the island under the hot sun, but then again... you get what i mean? ;)
although it was a nice sightseeing event, it was very tiring; and on the way back to the wharf, practically all of us were asleep in the pumpboat.
after going back to the hotel, we had dinner at a beachfront restaurant/bar... where we caught the high tide... it's a good thing we were close to finishing our dinner before the tide came in. the food was delicious - and healthy all at the same time. i took a lot of pictures (as usual) and before i knew it, the day was over...
the second day started early, since that was the day that we were slated to go to the underground river. we had breakfast at the hotel at 6 am, and we left for the underground river at a little past 7 am. it was a 2 and a half hour trip to the national park, and then we had to take a 15-20 minute boat ride to the river entrance. let me just say that the 2 and a half hour trip was really, really, really bumpy, since the road was really, really rough... i was seated at the last row of the van and i had a long massage, thanks to the rough road... hehe.. the ride back to the hotel was the same... very bumpy, but somehow, a lot faster.... maybe because i got to sleep for a while, and *ahem*. un nalang.
dinner was served in the hotel, and there was a surprise for one of the managers who was celebrating her birthday. dave, phercy and i played a little table tennis, had a lot of pictorials and they wanted to throw me into the pool.
i really enjoyed this trip, especially i had close friends with me there... i believe it was a great bonding experience for us, and we got to know each other a little more better than before...
i sure hope that there would be more trips like this for us... kahit kami-kami nalang. =P
sabi ni phercy, pustahan may panibagong isyu nanaman yan bukas. haaaay nako. bahala sila mag-isip ng gusto nilang isipin. basta kami, alam namin yung totoo.