24 February 2006

been thinkin....

24 february 2006

i've just been thinking...

due to the fact that there are no classes today because of the people power anniversary wherein the people have decided to go to the streets to protest the current government (*insert sarcastic tone* thanks a lot. *end sarcastic tone*), i've been thinking that there have been indeed a lot of things that are happening in our country today. what's so disturbing with that is that it seems like the only thing that people in position focus about is the bad things that are happening. it seems to me that they're spending all the people's taxes in making those bad things worse. i just don't get it. i mean, sure, power is indeed intoxicating. whoever said that 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' is positively right. once you're in that position, you wouldn't want to give it up that easy. which is why we had our classes cancelled today; people who had nothing better to do marched onto the streets of edsa and use the concept of 'people power' to force pres. GMA to quit her post. i mean, let's face reality here. they've been trying to do that for time immemorial but have they succeeded? noooooo. so, i say that instead they waste their time rallying, they ought to just focus on their work. but, hey. it's still their choice. i'm not the one who's not earning.

anyway, enough with the politics. i just wanted to release that bit. but anyway, who's going to listen to me, right? moving on...

since i had a loooong day of doing absolutely nothing, i've begun to wonder why the heck am i now watching the WWE as if i'm some hard-core fan? i mean, up till, well, the start of 2006, i didn't give a damn care about the WWE. much more watch an episode. what happened? i can't answer my own damn question. i really don't know why, and it's bugging me. i mean, come on! *sigh* it just so happened that i was channel surfing, then i passed jack tv, which was showing an episode of either smackdown or raw, then i watched. after that, i was hooked. after 20 and a half years not watching wrestling, here i am, hooked. *damn you, wrestling gods!!! argh!!*

well... i guess that's that. (what?!) ahhh... you might be thinking why that short? well, i slept half the day, so there.... hehe =P

08 February 2006


08 February 2006

this was not a happy day.

we have to submit a "new" proposal by the third reading (which, by the way, is next friday) with all the details (which was already in the proposal but we were instructed by our "loving" mentor to omit). not to mention the defense we had a while ago. i swear i was so nervous that my vision was actually shaking. literally. that's how nervous i was. and to find out that we need to submit a new proposal by the third reading, damn.

it wasn't as if that defense was the only thing that i was worried for today. we had an exam for my philorl class and damn the only bit that i can remember is our friggin defense in the afternoon! d'oh. felt that i didn't answer the questions justifiably (is there such a word?). damn. this sucks.
and to top it all off, the rotc is (and always has been) depending on me for stuff! i mean, the only job i had to do was take the pictures. i'm sorry for ranting but what happened a while ago was not exactly pleasant. i wasn't the one responsible about the reservations and stuff, and it irks me because i wasn't supposed to be stressing myself about that, and i found myself stressing about that. *sigh*. it's not that i don't want to help them, i do, i really do, but sometimes, it is a bit too much for me to handle. and mind you, i am having my thesis now, and i am technically not a part of that anymore.
in summary, this is one bloody hell day.