17 December 2007

haaaaaaay NAKO

17 December 2007

haay nako.

bakit ganun? kailangan ba lahat ng hinihingi ko kapalit siya?? utang na loob naman!!!! kung isasakripisyo ko ang prinsipyo ko para lang sa isang telepono, wag na lang... ako nalang ang bibili ng telepono!!!!!!! bwiset!!!

sinusumpa ko ang araw na pinanganak ang hayop na yan!!!!!!!!!

25 November 2007


25 November 2007

weow. nearly a month has passed since i wrote stuff down here. guess i've just been busy --- was called to relieve a person in our company a few weeks ago since he got suspended... and since i have been involved with the company for a few months before, i guess the sensible decision was to call me and let me take over for a while... y'know, cause i kinda know the knitty-gritty of the job; and do i mean knitty-gritty. imagine doing all the payroll, per diem and meal & site allowances for everybody! holy...

anyway... it's a one time thing though -- doing all those payrolls and such is murder! wouldn't dream of doing it again... unless there's this really nifty software that makes the job a whole lot easier!

so i'll be finishing that stint by mid-december, and after that i'm officially a bum again (woooo-hoooo!!!!)! however... i'll be preparing for quite a busy 2008... here are my plans so far:

- i'll be facilitating an english proficiency training for our employees. i know, i know. it's hard. but, if i'm going to get paid for it... why not? i think i could pull it off... :D

- we're planning a management training program for managers and supervisors... hoopefully the program could make better managers out of the managers in our office.... haha

- i'm off to europe! wheeee!!!!

- i'm off to hawaii!!! double wheeee!!!!

- after that, i'll be job hunting!! harhar

well? what'd i tell you? a pretty busy 2008, right? heehee


speaking of my previous post (see below =P), it seems like i'm more and more regaining that power ranger hype i've had since i was a kid. i swear. i'll wake up at 7:30 am on a weekend just to watch. i know. i've got it bad. in my defense, though, it's an avenue for me to de-stress... especially after doing all the payroll stuff... hehehehe


anyway... i'm really not that much in the mood to put in a really long post.... so.... i'll cut it here for now... :D

02 November 2007

it's morphin' time!

02 Nov 2007
it's been a long week full of holidays... let me recap:
monday - barangay and sk elections. naturally, no classes, no work. and another day of philippine politics in front of our eyes.
wednesday - halloween. the night before all saint's day. considered half-day for classes and work.
thursday - all saint's day. no classes, no work. time to visit the dearly departed in the cemetary.
friday - all soul's day. still no classes, no work. technically, this is the time to visit the dearly departed, though i think it has been tradition to visit the day before.
in summary: this has been a very, very long week. why? my mom's home all day. wouldn't want that, honestly.
since i've been unemployed (yeah-huh) for more or less two months now, i've been able to think a whole lot. actually, my mind has been imaginatively active most of the time and sometimes i could go on daydreaming (so to speak) for the whole day if i really had nothing to do (which is most of the time). which is kinda freaking me out, honestly. i've gotta be careful to cross that fine line, if you know what i'm talking about.
speaking of the title of this entry (see above), yep. you read that right. my passion (or love, whichever) for power rangers has been rekindled! *sigh* and i'm not talking about the latest spin-offs or seasons of the power rangers. i'm talking about the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. yup. adam, rocky, aisha, billy, kim, tommy, zach, jason and trini. it's kinda hard to believe that it's been 14 years since the series first started, and now there are 15 seasons to the series. wow. *whistles*. and it's hard to believe that i've grown up with power rangers in my system. wowee. darn... i must be getting older already... hahahaha
as of this writing, i'm looking at steve cardenas' pictures on myspace. for those who don't know, steve played rocky on power rangers. yup. he has a myspace page (although i don't think he'd want me to broadcast it here) and technically, he's my friend on myspace (yay!) hehe. anyway, it's so cool that you could connect to people who, ten years ago, i would never imagine talking to, much less be a friend. well, technically, we haven't 'talked' to each other yet, but that's beside the point. and i'm not limiting it to steve. i'm 'friends' with johnny bosch (who played adam), walter jones (who played zach), mike 'the miz' mizanin, ashley massaro, gregory helms and edge(all from wwe), to name a few of the 'famous' people (or celebrities) that maybe just a dream ten years ago. get what i mean? it's cool that the internet actually made this possible. it's just too bad that some asswipes ruin everything by making viruses. darn it.
changing topics...
i really, really want to travel before i go look for a job again. definitely going to the states, though. that's for sure. hopefully i'll be able to go to europe, too. *sigh* i wish my aunt would reply soon...
i'm running out of things to say... so i'll cut it here.

24 September 2007


24 Sept 2007
i am so bored. literally.
i guess when i made the decision to quit my job, i should've expected the great boredom that was sure to follow. then again, i never really made any effort to find a new job... i'm still thinking about what i really want to do and if i'm going to work, i want to be sure that i'm going to enjoy working mainly because of the job. the enviroment and the friendships at work come a close second and third. but in all honesty, i haven't been really looking for a job since i still want to have a "vacation", so to speak (or write). also, i've been handling all the preparations and renovations for the condo, which i haven't been able to do for the longest time because of my previous work, so i guess after all the stuff that i've yet to do and still do i'll be getting on finding a job.
speaking of work... i just don't know where i'm going to work, since i can't pretty much determine where i'm going to work, right? i mean, if it's all up to me, i'm sure i'm working my butt off right now. but since i'm not in control (boo hoo), my loss. *sigh* it's a tough competition out there... you always have to prove you're the best candidate out of all of them. *sigh*. tough love... bummer..
in another light, i want to travel around... maybe europe, australia, the states... just go away for a while... i've also been thinking of getting another degree abroad... i'm not quite yet for the masteral studies, but another undergrad degree might be fun... =)
going back to boredom, i've gone back to writing my stories... and i found out that my mind is completely blank. no ideas whatsoever. man, this sucks.
oh well... another day of doing abso-bloody-lutely nothing passes...

18 August 2007

you ever feel one of those days....


i feel like sh*t.

there's just so many things to think about and i feel like there's nobody to talk to about these things...


have you ever had your own mom believe someone else than you? as in really, really believe him than you? i have. i'm currently the "enemy", so to speak. i just can't believe that my mom would sink sooooo low to please that f****** sonofa*****... and use MY personal stuff to do so! kamusta naman yon, diba? tapos pag nagalit ka, ikaw ang masama.... hindi ko na alam saan ako lulugar eh... it's so freaking frustrating to be in this position... kala mo naman kung sino siya... empleyado lang namin siya. ang lakas ng loob niya na gawin yon. sino ba siya? pwede ba????

you know what i want to do to that sonofa*****? i wanna kick his sorry butt... pucha pacute pa ampotah! parang hindi daw niya alam kung ano nangyayari... upakan ko siya jan eh... gusto ko na talaga ipamukha sa kanya na ayoko talaga sa kanya... yung tipong manliliit siya sa pagkatao niya... masama man iniisip ko pero wala na kong ibang maisip na paraan eh.. nababad trip na talaga ako sa kanya...


moving forward... (shux eternal word ng manager ko...) i'm also thinking about my current job... don't get me wrong... i love working at hsbc because of the people and the pay and the environment... but i just don't like the job itself.... how can i continue working there when i can't give my 100%? i have a point, don't i? (can i just squeeze this bit here? i havent been able to continue this post for the longest time and as of this current writing, i've officially resigned from my job!)

another thing... there's this... guy... that seems to be expressing something lately... hah... bitin? don't you just hate cliffhangers? anyway... i'm really not that sure yet with what's going on but in due time, i'll give an update...


gosh it feels so good to have no committment at all!!! woooohoooooo!!!!

i guess that's it for now...

17 July 2007


it's been a long time since i made an entry here... maybe a couple of months or so... and i've got pldt to thank for that (stoopid people still account our loss of internet connection to the earthquake in taiwan months ago...)... we've just gotten this darn internet up and running... i just hope to high heavens that there would be no mishaps soon...
ok. i've always thought that the last place i'm going to work for is a bank or any company in finance for that matter; i've always thought that i'm going to work for a company or an organization as a sales, events or marketing associate. but what do you know? i'm now currently employed with HSBC, the world's local bank (although i must admit i'm still in sales... =P). i remember writing the last time that i was working for our family company and that we've just come back from palawan... we'll a couple of weeks after that i got a call from HSBC inviting me for an exam... i thought what the heck and took it anyway... turns out i passed and i was slated for an interview... they actually called me back and said that i had a "talk" with the vp for strategic human resources (or something to that effect)... i thought it was for a second interview but surprise, surprise! it was already for a contract signing... i just want to say... nabulag ako sa sweldo... dahil lintik ang hirap!!! =( anyway... met some new friends there, and i'm currently enjoying my stay... hopefully i get regularized soon...
speaking of HSBC, i'm currently working at the HSBC Centre at the Bonifacio Global City... incidentally, i'll be moving out (yehey!!!!) and moving into my condo unit at Serendra, which is also located at the BGC. i'm crossing my fingers so i can get regularized asap! sayang naman kasi kung hindi din lang ako mareregular, diba?
i still want to tie up loose ends... although i don't know how...
in all honesty, i'm infuriated with a certain person right now. as in.
just watched harry potter and the order of the phoenix last saturday... all i can say is: woah. they all look so mature now... though cho chang (katie leung) kinda gained a few pounds (and i mean in weight...), the rest of the cast seemed to grow out of their baby fats by this movie... and i still don't like cho... heehee
i'm excited for the 7th (and last?) harry potter book... it's going to be released this saturday! OMG! sooo excited.... i'm going to go straight to the bookstore after our training to buy the book!!! holy... can't wait!!!!
i guess i better end this short... now that there's a decent internet connection, i can post anytime i can!! =D

04 March 2007

...back from palawan...

04 March 2007
it has been a long time since i wrote here... i've just been very busy at the office, and my (darn) internet service is still down (at least i think so)...
we flew out to palawan last friday; it was fun... though it was really tiring. i was with my officemates (naks!), and i was actually surprised that i had a really, really good time! of course, my closest friends in the office - dave, adrian, phercy and june - were there too, so naturally it was fun!
upon arriving in palawan, we checked into our hotel, the asturias hotel, and changed for our first tour of the trip -- an island hopping trip around honda bay. we ate lunch at the starfish island, and stopped at the snake island. i didn't swim, though, because it was really, really hot... mind you, it was around 1 pm, and the sun was directly overhead... although we went walking to the southern (?) tip of the island under the hot sun, but then again... you get what i mean? ;)
although it was a nice sightseeing event, it was very tiring; and on the way back to the wharf, practically all of us were asleep in the pumpboat.
after going back to the hotel, we had dinner at a beachfront restaurant/bar... where we caught the high tide... it's a good thing we were close to finishing our dinner before the tide came in. the food was delicious - and healthy all at the same time. i took a lot of pictures (as usual) and before i knew it, the day was over...
the second day started early, since that was the day that we were slated to go to the underground river. we had breakfast at the hotel at 6 am, and we left for the underground river at a little past 7 am. it was a 2 and a half hour trip to the national park, and then we had to take a 15-20 minute boat ride to the river entrance. let me just say that the 2 and a half hour trip was really, really, really bumpy, since the road was really, really rough... i was seated at the last row of the van and i had a long massage, thanks to the rough road... hehe.. the ride back to the hotel was the same... very bumpy, but somehow, a lot faster.... maybe because i got to sleep for a while, and *ahem*. un nalang.
dinner was served in the hotel, and there was a surprise for one of the managers who was celebrating her birthday. dave, phercy and i played a little table tennis, had a lot of pictorials and they wanted to throw me into the pool.
i really enjoyed this trip, especially i had close friends with me there... i believe it was a great bonding experience for us, and we got to know each other a little more better than before...
i sure hope that there would be more trips like this for us... kahit kami-kami nalang. =P
sabi ni phercy, pustahan may panibagong isyu nanaman yan bukas. haaaay nako. bahala sila mag-isip ng gusto nilang isipin. basta kami, alam namin yung totoo.

12 January 2007


12 january 2007

hala! unang entry ng taon... dapat last, last week pa ako nagkaroon ng entry pero dahil wala akong internet connection (maraming salamat sa PLDT MyDSL, at ang kanilang walang kupas na pagsabing dahil sa earthquake sa Taiwan kaya't wala kaming internet connection ngayon), ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na makapag-post dito... hehe mejo matagal-tagal na rin akong hindi magpo-post dito... sadya lang na madaming ginagawa..


sa wakas at natapos na rin ang aming thesis... nakapagdefend na kami nung 04 december 2006, at kahit na mejo na-okray kami ng panel, eh at least tapos na at gra-graduate na ako...


nagsimula na akong magtrabaho (hence the title, sankapa?!) dito sa opisina namin (kala niyo kung san na noh?! =P) at so far, so good naman.. ahahaha... siyempre ako lang ang katangi-tanging naiiba sa lahat ng naging contractual employees dito samin dahil, unang -una, anak ako ng may-ari. pangalawa, hawak ko ang kapangyarihan (see previous =P), at pangatlo, likas lang na iba ako eh. wag na silang magreklamo dun. hehehe... pero panglimang araw ko palang naman, kaya hindi ko pa masasabi kung gaano talaga ka "hectic" ito, pero... push comes to shove, anjan naman si mama eh. hehehehe...


speaking of work...

o my gulay... shet!

(yun nalang ang masasabi ko... ayoko na magsalita eh... hahahahah!)


anyhoooo... siguro hanggang dito naang muna... madali lang naman na magedit ng entry eh.. hehe

ayus! =P