16 August 2008

my throat is starting to sore

ok. so i've just come home from my "training", and again, i've talked on and on and on... i swear, next week, i'll just let them do all the talking.

anyway... i recall posting earlier about having my trainees start their own blogs... i am kinda waiting for them to email me their urls, so i could check them out. i've actually instructed them to make an entry everyday, so that they could practice writing in english. it's a pretty good idea, if i must say so myself. haha.


i'm sure everybody knows moymoy palaboy already. and i made a discovery today, thanks to mel. they're going to be a regular feature on bubble gang! amazing. from youtube to bubble gang. that's a pretty big feat! and they're really funny! you'll never expect that moymoy (the guy with the shorter hair) is actually a pretty good singer!

if you haven't seen any of their youtube videos yet, check them out: www.youtube.com/users/moymoypalaboy or just type in moymoy palaboy in the search box. have i said they're really funny?


i'm cutting this short. i can't think of anything more to post here. maybe later. hehe

15 August 2008

it's going to be a quiet night

it's my second post of the day... mainly because tonight, we have no cable reception, hence, no tv. boooo. i already called skycable, mainly to the insistence of my mom (as if i'm the only one who can dial a phone in the whole household), and they said that they still don't know what the heck is wrong with the cable reception and they have no frickin' idea why there is such a thing as a signal interruption in our area. and the guy said that if it's a minor problem, it would probably take around 4 - 6 hours of no tv, but if it's a major problem then it's probably around 8 hours of no tv.

i guess my mom won't be seeing buboy and vice ganda on the singing bee tonight. either that's a good thing or a bad thing. good for me, bad for them maybe, or the other way around... all i know is as long as there's no power interruption, i'm good. Ü


so tomorrow is another saturday... and another training day for me. it actually slipped my mind that i have a training slated for tomorrow and i didn't have the hand outs and exercises prepared or anything. but then again, this is the third batch already so i would love to assume that the ever so wonderful assistant of mine thought of preparing the handouts and the exercises without me telling her what the heck those are.

of course, one can only dream...

although i've said (or typed) earlier that the training slipped my mind, another idea popped into my head for the said training... i figured i could have them practice writing in english more (it is an english proficiency training) by writing in a blog! and i'm going to force them to sign up with blogger so i could comment on their posts... *insert evil laugh*


speaking of blogs... i know i have an account with livejournal and tabulas, but i seem to have forgotten my passwords! oh well... i guess i have to just click that magical button that says forgot your password? and hopefully that the email account i used is still active... heehee

so i tried to log in to livejournal and what do you know? i did forget my password... but i still do have my account there... hah Ü


there's another project that i'm probably going to do for the oh-so-beloved (yeah, i was sarcastic) company... and it's re-designing their webpage. and i must say, that it really, really NEEDS redesigning. have you seen it? here's a link: http://www.trigonmgt.com/

see what i'm talking about? but i need ideas. anyone?

totally unacceptable

... I just finished reading the comics page on Yahoo!news and went back to the news homepage, right? Lo and behold, there's this link to an article on the latest Harry Potter film entitled "Poof! Next `Harry Potter' flick moves to summer". I clicked on it instantly thinking that maybe Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince will be moved to release earlier than November 21st of this year. But noooooooo!!! Warner Bros. execs say that they're moving it for release summer NEXT YEAR!

are they out of their frickin' minds??? I am totally expecting a lot of hate mail and violent reactions from the millions of fans around the world.

it would've been perfectly acceptable if they gave out a valid reason such as the film won't make the Nov. 21 deadline. Really, it would've been. However, the reason they gave is really, really cr**py. The reason? They expect that they want to take advantage of the summer months... in short, they just want a bigger income, expecting that Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince will draw in more $$$ in its opening weekend in the summer as opposed to opening in Nov. 21. what the heck?!

read the story for yourself here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080814/ap_on_en_mo/film_harry_potter;_ylt=Aok41RKI3noyXNIKftN0NF6s0NUE

and another related story:

And to think I was so looking forward to watch this!!!!!

13 August 2008

the incident in the bathroom

we (that's kristy, ian and me) overnighted in my newly blessed unit, right? everything was going on peachy until i decided to take a bath...

i was taking my dandy time showering, right? and after my entire shower, nothing happens -- everything's cool... then when i decided that i want to get out of the *darn* shower enclosure that glass sliding door decided to be a big KSP. this is what happened:

i slid the door open, ever so carefully, then just as the handle touches the stationary glass part of the enclosure, the glass in the sliding door decided to SHATTER IN A GAJILLION PIECES. so i stood there for about a nanosecond, dumbfounded.

the first shower i take in my newly blessed condo and the glass door shatters.

this is not good.

another year...

i had my condo unit blessing last saturday and i celebrated my birthday with that also... para tipid. hehehe...

i actually found it funny because my mom was the one who's so uptight with the "event" and she was the one who was fussing with showing everybody every inch of the unit. it's a small one bedroom unit there's no need to show everybody even the bathroom. gosh. ma, chill.
we had to have the unit blessed with just 6 guests (as opposed to the 16 people who I was expecting to come) - excluding me and my mom - because the priest was very, very anxious to return to his parish to celebrate the anticipated mass. baka daw magalit yung mga general na parokyano niya. anyway, majority arrived about a minute after the priest left. ganda ng timing, ano? but we had to wait about an hour 'cause the reservation was for 7pm...

dinner was at abe's (where good friends dine) where the food was absotively posolutely filling!! we had our fill of sinuteng baby squid, squid tactics, sinigang na tiyan ng bangus sa bayabas (what a mouthful!), lechon cubano, pinakbet, binukadkad na pla pla... dessert was my favorite part... although the main courses left little room for dessert.. heehee

[can i just say na ang weird ng layouting ng blogger?]

we had to go for a little walk after dinner at bonifacio high street to let the food go down for the rest of the night... Ü and we had to wait a while for my mom to blow out the candles for my shockingly *pink* birthday cake. yep, it's pink. of all the colors...

after my mom, aunt and uncle left, it was time for the *real* party to begin... haha! i think that i'd be opening a club/bar & restaurant anytime in the near future... we made the following cocktails:

margarita denmark orgasm (it's just a name, believe me)


tequila sunrise

sapphire martini daiquiri (yung hawak ko)

black russian

poor man's martini

vodka-sprite with grenadine syrup

vodka-sprite with blue curacao

we also played scene it? -- it actually is an addicting game!! i wanna play it over and over again...