25 November 2005

hay nako...

nako nako nako... ang mga panahon na katulad neto ako napapagisip kung bakit ako nag-orgcom sa lasalle. minsan iniisip ko, pano kung nag-adver ako sa ust? mas madali ba buhay ko don? hay. hindi ko alam. sobrang bilis ng panahon dito sa lasalle... sobra. parang feel ko na unti-unti na akong pinapatay dito.... anyway....



watch! ROCK N RELIEF, on 03 December 2005, at Mugen Bar, Metrowalk, Ortigas
it's a Christmas concert for the benefit of StreetPals, a NGO aimed to rehabilitate and shelter street kids with drug addiction that is in danger of shutting down. all proceeds would go to StreetPals. tickets are priced at 150 each with free shot! contact me for more details! =D

21 November 2005


it's been 19 days since my last post, and i guess you guys (naka na!) are wondering why: these past few days have just been sooooo stressful that i find that 24 hours in a day is just not enough for all the requirements that we have to do. schoolwork even extends to the weekends, and i'm not saying up til saturdays only, but even sundays! can you believe that? the only one day of the week where i can unwind and rest is still being taken up by schoolwork. i guess this is the price we pay for studying at La Salle... its just so damn hectic and fast-paced that you can never track the time - how long the term's been, or how fast you need to do this certain project. one thing's certain, though. a deadline after a week is normal, more than a week is heaven.


a lot has been happening lately. and i just found out that certain people, even though they should be acting maturely, are still too childish. i don't know about others but now i am not surprised why there are certain people out there who are still wondering if ever the other party would be the one who will make the first move to 'regain' or 'restore' the friendship that was lost over a stupid, idiotic move that certain people make. well... not this time, not ever. it's not my loss.


damn. the reason for why i still found the time to update my blog totally escapes me. i am aware that i still have a lot to do for my majors, but i don't know... i can't seem to find an explanation for this... sigh. if only life were that easy.

03 November 2005


03 November 2005; 1458H -->start

*sigh*. this day is proving to be soooooo boring. chalk one up for our prof being sick. yeah, sick my butt. (sorry for the language). she's the one who's skipping all these precious time away. just don't let me hear her say that the deadlines still hold. i swear i'm going to kill her. it's not my fault that she has things to take care of. we do too, and still we do what we're supposed to do (complaining loudly at that, but still, we do our tasks).


oh yeah, i could've just gone to school at a later hour, since i knew that she was going to be absent today, but then again, i was to do our concept proposal and rationale with my groupmates for our final project in orgavid. yeah, i got to school early, ready to do a paper, but then, only one of my groupmates show up. and yeah, she just showed up because she didn't know there wasn't going to be a class today. so, given the fact that if she knew, then she wouldn't even come to school. so, going back, we didn't get to do the paper, since we still didn't know the format, but we could've discussed it then, but like i said, there was only two of us, so what was there to discuss? sigh.


anyway, we decided to eat lunch at mcdo, where we --that is to say, farrah and i, talked about a lot of things, things that i dare not to put here. just in case other people will read and assume that i'm talking about them (hehe. pun intended. =P). anyway, after that, i ran into walther, and since i had nothing else to do that time, i accompanied him while he ate and waited for his brither and Fig. We also talked about a lot of things, and again, things that i dare not put here because someone might pass by my blog ands read and assume that it was him or her that i'm talking about. you know the drill.so there. haha. anyway, i'm still waiting for my next class, which is still later. gosh... i don' t know why i'm soooo bored today... all this because our prof was absent! argh!

03 November 2005; 1534H -->end

01 November 2005


this week's supposed to be relaxing -- the government's declared it a holiday, except wednesday and thursday, which i think personally was also supposed to be declared a holiday-- but then again, instead of being relaxing it's just as stressful, to us especially. did it even occur to GMA that not every university is semestral, and that we are affected by those two days in between declared holidays???? geddemit...
not only that, but there are professors who are really, really getting to the limitations of my patience. i don't care at this point whatever people say about expecting that subjects are harder in DLSU because we have higher standards etc... there are just some professors who have fun in seeing their students suffering from all their requirements. geddemit! if only it wasn't a crime to kill.. sigh.