25 November 2007


25 November 2007

weow. nearly a month has passed since i wrote stuff down here. guess i've just been busy --- was called to relieve a person in our company a few weeks ago since he got suspended... and since i have been involved with the company for a few months before, i guess the sensible decision was to call me and let me take over for a while... y'know, cause i kinda know the knitty-gritty of the job; and do i mean knitty-gritty. imagine doing all the payroll, per diem and meal & site allowances for everybody! holy...

anyway... it's a one time thing though -- doing all those payrolls and such is murder! wouldn't dream of doing it again... unless there's this really nifty software that makes the job a whole lot easier!

so i'll be finishing that stint by mid-december, and after that i'm officially a bum again (woooo-hoooo!!!!)! however... i'll be preparing for quite a busy 2008... here are my plans so far:

- i'll be facilitating an english proficiency training for our employees. i know, i know. it's hard. but, if i'm going to get paid for it... why not? i think i could pull it off... :D

- we're planning a management training program for managers and supervisors... hoopefully the program could make better managers out of the managers in our office.... haha

- i'm off to europe! wheeee!!!!

- i'm off to hawaii!!! double wheeee!!!!

- after that, i'll be job hunting!! harhar

well? what'd i tell you? a pretty busy 2008, right? heehee


speaking of my previous post (see below =P), it seems like i'm more and more regaining that power ranger hype i've had since i was a kid. i swear. i'll wake up at 7:30 am on a weekend just to watch. i know. i've got it bad. in my defense, though, it's an avenue for me to de-stress... especially after doing all the payroll stuff... hehehehe


anyway... i'm really not that much in the mood to put in a really long post.... so.... i'll cut it here for now... :D

02 November 2007

it's morphin' time!

02 Nov 2007
it's been a long week full of holidays... let me recap:
monday - barangay and sk elections. naturally, no classes, no work. and another day of philippine politics in front of our eyes.
wednesday - halloween. the night before all saint's day. considered half-day for classes and work.
thursday - all saint's day. no classes, no work. time to visit the dearly departed in the cemetary.
friday - all soul's day. still no classes, no work. technically, this is the time to visit the dearly departed, though i think it has been tradition to visit the day before.
in summary: this has been a very, very long week. why? my mom's home all day. wouldn't want that, honestly.
since i've been unemployed (yeah-huh) for more or less two months now, i've been able to think a whole lot. actually, my mind has been imaginatively active most of the time and sometimes i could go on daydreaming (so to speak) for the whole day if i really had nothing to do (which is most of the time). which is kinda freaking me out, honestly. i've gotta be careful to cross that fine line, if you know what i'm talking about.
speaking of the title of this entry (see above), yep. you read that right. my passion (or love, whichever) for power rangers has been rekindled! *sigh* and i'm not talking about the latest spin-offs or seasons of the power rangers. i'm talking about the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. yup. adam, rocky, aisha, billy, kim, tommy, zach, jason and trini. it's kinda hard to believe that it's been 14 years since the series first started, and now there are 15 seasons to the series. wow. *whistles*. and it's hard to believe that i've grown up with power rangers in my system. wowee. darn... i must be getting older already... hahahaha
as of this writing, i'm looking at steve cardenas' pictures on myspace. for those who don't know, steve played rocky on power rangers. yup. he has a myspace page (although i don't think he'd want me to broadcast it here) and technically, he's my friend on myspace (yay!) hehe. anyway, it's so cool that you could connect to people who, ten years ago, i would never imagine talking to, much less be a friend. well, technically, we haven't 'talked' to each other yet, but that's beside the point. and i'm not limiting it to steve. i'm 'friends' with johnny bosch (who played adam), walter jones (who played zach), mike 'the miz' mizanin, ashley massaro, gregory helms and edge(all from wwe), to name a few of the 'famous' people (or celebrities) that maybe just a dream ten years ago. get what i mean? it's cool that the internet actually made this possible. it's just too bad that some asswipes ruin everything by making viruses. darn it.
changing topics...
i really, really want to travel before i go look for a job again. definitely going to the states, though. that's for sure. hopefully i'll be able to go to europe, too. *sigh* i wish my aunt would reply soon...
i'm running out of things to say... so i'll cut it here.