24 September 2007


24 Sept 2007
i am so bored. literally.
i guess when i made the decision to quit my job, i should've expected the great boredom that was sure to follow. then again, i never really made any effort to find a new job... i'm still thinking about what i really want to do and if i'm going to work, i want to be sure that i'm going to enjoy working mainly because of the job. the enviroment and the friendships at work come a close second and third. but in all honesty, i haven't been really looking for a job since i still want to have a "vacation", so to speak (or write). also, i've been handling all the preparations and renovations for the condo, which i haven't been able to do for the longest time because of my previous work, so i guess after all the stuff that i've yet to do and still do i'll be getting on finding a job.
speaking of work... i just don't know where i'm going to work, since i can't pretty much determine where i'm going to work, right? i mean, if it's all up to me, i'm sure i'm working my butt off right now. but since i'm not in control (boo hoo), my loss. *sigh* it's a tough competition out there... you always have to prove you're the best candidate out of all of them. *sigh*. tough love... bummer..
in another light, i want to travel around... maybe europe, australia, the states... just go away for a while... i've also been thinking of getting another degree abroad... i'm not quite yet for the masteral studies, but another undergrad degree might be fun... =)
going back to boredom, i've gone back to writing my stories... and i found out that my mind is completely blank. no ideas whatsoever. man, this sucks.
oh well... another day of doing abso-bloody-lutely nothing passes...