02 January 2008

alrighty. first post for the new year ( and it's a long one!)

02 january 2008

first of all, happy new year!!

okidoki. on with the post. harhar. hmmm... so what should i write about? the past year? new year's resolutions? i have absolutely no idea, so i'll shotgun this...........


2007. wow. what a year. let me reminisce for a bit here... first i graduated (woooo-hooooo!), finally, and then got a job. first with our own company and then with hsbc. then i resigned from hsbc and have spent the rest of the year bumming out. come to think of it, i spent half the year working and half the year spending everything i earned. haha. oh yeah. as the year ended, i was elected into the board of directors for our company. wow. what a way to end the year. haha. anyhooo... i guess 2007 was some kind of a roller coaster ride for me. (alright, i guess this is the part where i contemplate on the past year.. haha) full of highs and lows... anyway... i guess 2007 was the year of frustrations for me, as well as a year of - for a lack of a better term - "returning" to previous norms and such.

2007 was frustrating for me in a way that there were a lot of things that i didn't get to do, and hopefully i'd be able to do them this year... hehe... anyway, like, i really didn't get the job i really wanted - i got stuck as an HR assistant and then as a customer service outbound agent (which really, really sucked, by the way). i guess one of the few things that i pride myself in doing is resigning from that sucky job. haha. i know, it'll be bad on my resume and stuff, but hey, i can't go pretending that i'm doing great when in reality i'm not. just being real, here... anyway... i guess the year also kinda sucked because of things that happened (if you'll read my posts throughout 2007, i'd gather you'll have a general idea of what sucked and what didn't... =D), and that some things (or people for that matter) just can't freaking leave you alone! i mean, what did i ever do to deserve this?! yeah, a bit melodramatic, but hey, you can't blame me for doing that. if it were you in my shoes, dang, i know you'll probably feel the same thing. anyway, looking back, i think that 2007 for me was a time where i was probably still looking for my own "niche", my own "genre", so to speak. i know i suck at customer service as an outbound agent, i know i don't like doing human resources. career-wise, i think we can conclude that i won't be looking for jobs along that line. hehe.

what else? oh yeah.

like what i wrote a couple of paragraphs above, 2007 was also a year of "returning" - so to speak. i don't really have specifics or anything, but i guess this includes my "love" for power rangers... i guess i have to thank hsbc for letting me re-live my power rangers days.. haha.. but seriously, though. i kind of actually re-discovered power rangers when cartoon network aired power rangers wild force again and i stumbled across it one afternoon while i was channel surfing a couple of years ago. but i really got into it again when power rangers spd was aired and i was surfing the web for info on episodes and such that i tumbled into rangercentral.net and found out that there was a '15th season anniversary' episode that was going to be aired. so further 'researching' led me to find out that adam would be one of the 'veteran' rangers that would return, and it got me hyped up. why? adam was (and still is) my all-time favorite power ranger ever. so, thanks to youtube, i actually got to watch the episode before anybody else here in the philippines does (or i would like to think so), and thanks to limewire, i could watch it over and over again. hehe. but after that particular episode, i have been searching for episodes from mighty morphin, particularly the third season, which is when adam (rocky and aisha) come in. i've watched the movie over and over again, and i could probably quote you the exact lines from the movie. so after re-discovering power rangers, i've kinda returned to my childhood programs recently: all those japanese sentais (bioman, maskman, jetman, etc.), sailormoon, v.r. troopers, and the like. so... i'm not returning to being childish, i'd like to get that cleared, i just reconnected with my childhood... it was a year of being so uptight and so grown-up that reconnecting with my childhood was actually a nice outlet for stress and all that.

*i'll also be posting this same entry on my blog at myspace, so if any of the former rangers who are my friends on myspace, please don't delete me from your friends, it's just that power rangers has been (and will always be) a big part of my life that i couldn't just ignore or move on from. heehee. so... bear with me, please.*


alright. so now that i've pretty much summarized what happened to me in 2007 (which mainly is power rangers), i guess now's the time where i get to outline what i plan to do in 2008. hopefully this will be easier compared to actually thinking of stuff that happened to you the past year... anyway, here goes:


so. what can i do this 2008? hmmm.. let me see:

- i'll be going to europe, finally. that's already being worked on. hopefully i'd be able to go this march... i'd finally get to actually remember going to europe. hehe. see, this trip would be my second trip to europe, since i got to go when i was about 22 months old. you see? i couldn't remember a damn thing about that trip, so now that i'm finally going to go, all 22 years of me, i would get to remember going (and actually have proof that i've been to europe!) haha. so there. i am so ecstatic about this right now!! and, i promise to post about that trip as soon as i could get to a wi-fi spot. =) heh.

- i'll be going to hawaii! =) yeah baby! this will be the first time that i'll be going to hawaii, so i expect that it's going to be great. i mean, i've been to LA and LV loads of times so i think that it'll be cool to go to another state, for a change. hehe

- i swear that i'm going to find that job that i really want this year. whatever it takes, dude. whatever it takes.

- what else? hmmm... maybe if there's going to be another power ranger convention like the power morphicon 2007 this year, with adam (and possibly rocky) attending, i'd be raring to go! maybe during march? in hawaii? come on... i'd really love to meet them, and then i could die happy. lol.

- maybe i'll go try and meet people that i want to meet. like my all time favorite actors, or something like that. maybe try an extreme sport... hmm...

- oh yeah, i just remembered. if i find that job, i'm going to be moving out of my parent's house! wooooo hoooo!!!!! that's my next adventure!

at this point i can't totally think of anything else i'd like to do for the year, since it's already 11pm by this writing. funny thing, i actually started writing this post at 9pm, but i logged on to youtube and searched for the power morphicon clips so i watched while i was writing this, haha, so now i'm a little sleepy and i still have to wake up early tomorrow for all the errands i have to do. so, yeah, my brain is kinda sleeping on me now, so i'd cut this one short(er). so.... until the next post?

** disclaimer: i am not a power ranger stalker (or obssesive shadower, in the politically correct term my cousin came up with). i am a huge fan, i could give you that, but not a stalker. or some desperate fan who desperately wants to meet them. i just want to meet them, but if that doesn't happen, then life goes on. they're my friends on myspace, but that's about it. and quite frankly, it's going to be pretty hard to stalk them, with the whole pacific ocean separating me from them. i live in the philippines and they live where? the united states? so come on.. practicality, people. i'm not filthy rich to go jetsetting wherever.** i just wanted that out. paranoid? maybe.

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