13 August 2008

the incident in the bathroom

we (that's kristy, ian and me) overnighted in my newly blessed unit, right? everything was going on peachy until i decided to take a bath...

i was taking my dandy time showering, right? and after my entire shower, nothing happens -- everything's cool... then when i decided that i want to get out of the *darn* shower enclosure that glass sliding door decided to be a big KSP. this is what happened:

i slid the door open, ever so carefully, then just as the handle touches the stationary glass part of the enclosure, the glass in the sliding door decided to SHATTER IN A GAJILLION PIECES. so i stood there for about a nanosecond, dumbfounded.

the first shower i take in my newly blessed condo and the glass door shatters.

this is not good.

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