15 August 2008

totally unacceptable

... I just finished reading the comics page on Yahoo!news and went back to the news homepage, right? Lo and behold, there's this link to an article on the latest Harry Potter film entitled "Poof! Next `Harry Potter' flick moves to summer". I clicked on it instantly thinking that maybe Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince will be moved to release earlier than November 21st of this year. But noooooooo!!! Warner Bros. execs say that they're moving it for release summer NEXT YEAR!

are they out of their frickin' minds??? I am totally expecting a lot of hate mail and violent reactions from the millions of fans around the world.

it would've been perfectly acceptable if they gave out a valid reason such as the film won't make the Nov. 21 deadline. Really, it would've been. However, the reason they gave is really, really cr**py. The reason? They expect that they want to take advantage of the summer months... in short, they just want a bigger income, expecting that Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince will draw in more $$$ in its opening weekend in the summer as opposed to opening in Nov. 21. what the heck?!

read the story for yourself here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080814/ap_on_en_mo/film_harry_potter;_ylt=Aok41RKI3noyXNIKftN0NF6s0NUE

and another related story:

And to think I was so looking forward to watch this!!!!!

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