15 August 2008

it's going to be a quiet night

it's my second post of the day... mainly because tonight, we have no cable reception, hence, no tv. boooo. i already called skycable, mainly to the insistence of my mom (as if i'm the only one who can dial a phone in the whole household), and they said that they still don't know what the heck is wrong with the cable reception and they have no frickin' idea why there is such a thing as a signal interruption in our area. and the guy said that if it's a minor problem, it would probably take around 4 - 6 hours of no tv, but if it's a major problem then it's probably around 8 hours of no tv.

i guess my mom won't be seeing buboy and vice ganda on the singing bee tonight. either that's a good thing or a bad thing. good for me, bad for them maybe, or the other way around... all i know is as long as there's no power interruption, i'm good. Ü


so tomorrow is another saturday... and another training day for me. it actually slipped my mind that i have a training slated for tomorrow and i didn't have the hand outs and exercises prepared or anything. but then again, this is the third batch already so i would love to assume that the ever so wonderful assistant of mine thought of preparing the handouts and the exercises without me telling her what the heck those are.

of course, one can only dream...

although i've said (or typed) earlier that the training slipped my mind, another idea popped into my head for the said training... i figured i could have them practice writing in english more (it is an english proficiency training) by writing in a blog! and i'm going to force them to sign up with blogger so i could comment on their posts... *insert evil laugh*


speaking of blogs... i know i have an account with livejournal and tabulas, but i seem to have forgotten my passwords! oh well... i guess i have to just click that magical button that says forgot your password? and hopefully that the email account i used is still active... heehee

so i tried to log in to livejournal and what do you know? i did forget my password... but i still do have my account there... hah Ü


there's another project that i'm probably going to do for the oh-so-beloved (yeah, i was sarcastic) company... and it's re-designing their webpage. and i must say, that it really, really NEEDS redesigning. have you seen it? here's a link: http://www.trigonmgt.com/

see what i'm talking about? but i need ideas. anyone?

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