13 August 2008

another year...

i had my condo unit blessing last saturday and i celebrated my birthday with that also... para tipid. hehehe...

i actually found it funny because my mom was the one who's so uptight with the "event" and she was the one who was fussing with showing everybody every inch of the unit. it's a small one bedroom unit there's no need to show everybody even the bathroom. gosh. ma, chill.
we had to have the unit blessed with just 6 guests (as opposed to the 16 people who I was expecting to come) - excluding me and my mom - because the priest was very, very anxious to return to his parish to celebrate the anticipated mass. baka daw magalit yung mga general na parokyano niya. anyway, majority arrived about a minute after the priest left. ganda ng timing, ano? but we had to wait about an hour 'cause the reservation was for 7pm...

dinner was at abe's (where good friends dine) where the food was absotively posolutely filling!! we had our fill of sinuteng baby squid, squid tactics, sinigang na tiyan ng bangus sa bayabas (what a mouthful!), lechon cubano, pinakbet, binukadkad na pla pla... dessert was my favorite part... although the main courses left little room for dessert.. heehee

[can i just say na ang weird ng layouting ng blogger?]

we had to go for a little walk after dinner at bonifacio high street to let the food go down for the rest of the night... Ü and we had to wait a while for my mom to blow out the candles for my shockingly *pink* birthday cake. yep, it's pink. of all the colors...

after my mom, aunt and uncle left, it was time for the *real* party to begin... haha! i think that i'd be opening a club/bar & restaurant anytime in the near future... we made the following cocktails:

margarita denmark orgasm (it's just a name, believe me)


tequila sunrise

sapphire martini daiquiri (yung hawak ko)

black russian

poor man's martini

vodka-sprite with grenadine syrup

vodka-sprite with blue curacao

we also played scene it? -- it actually is an addicting game!! i wanna play it over and over again...

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